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About Us

Our priority at Kings of Vinyl plank is to provide you with the best quality product at a fair price.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best long-term support that we can, while tailoring our services to provide you with the best product for your project needs. Come and see us today to have any and all of your flooring questions answered!

Why Choose Konig Vinyl?

Kings of Vinyl Plank is the ONLY store in Canada that never discontinues any of our products or colours for any reason, so if you ever need to make an order weeks, months, or years down the road, rest assured we will still have the plank you need!

We are also the only company in Canada that supplies:

-1.8mm thick plank with 4mm wear layer -4.5mm thick plank with 8mm wear layer -5mm thick plank with 12mm wear layer -7mm thick with 20mm wear layer – All available in the same colour to allow you to save money from one floor to the other!

Flooring is not something you can shop for based solely on price, as such, we do not price our products this way. We take the time to educate you on the best options available for your specific project before selling you anything. Don’t let sellers fool you into thinking that a thicker vinyl plank is better, especially if it’s a thick plank with a thin wear layer, you will end up having to redo your flooring much sooner than you may think.

Kids Play Area

We thrive to make our flooring shop a family-friendly environment so feel free to bring your whole family!

Take your time shopping for your favourite flooring style while your kids hang out in the "Konig Kid's Zone!" Featuring a ball pit, mini motorcycle, building blocks, building table, and mini cashier stand! 

King of the jungle Konig lion stuffies are also available!

Konig Flooring Kids Zone.jpg


Send us a message, or come visit us today to have all your vinyl flooring questions answered and start your flooring project today!

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