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The Revolution in Luxury Vinyl Flooring

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Natural Wood Decor

Vinyl Flooring creates  a visual that is almost indistinguishable from real hardwood flooring.

KÖNIG Luxury Vinyl is manufactured with hand-scraped artisanship, wire-brush imperfections and distressed wood like textures giving a uniquely handcrafted and antique look.

The most sought-after feature of interior designers and home owners is hardwood floors.

Hardwood requires vigilant care  and refinishing over the years. They creak and warp when wet.

Water Proof and quality construction means Luxury Vinyl Plank is more durable than ceramic tiles and hardwood options.

Softer than hard wood, warmer than ceramic, Luxury Vinyl gives you the benefits of affordability without compromising quality or style.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Vinyl is the easiest flooring to clean. Daily sweeping and the occasional mopping for high traffic locations is all that is needed.

Care free maintenance means spills and scuff marks simply wipe away. This makes it attractive for households with children and pets.

Vinyl Plank is very easy to install. It can be installed over plywood and concrete floors. Make sure they are clean and level.

"Drop it and your done" loose lay can be with or without glue. It is the easiest type of floors to fix. You can also pull up the flooring in the future and move it to a new house or location.

Floor preparation is the most important aspect to any flooring install . Any sources of moisture must be rectified prior to the installation of any vinyl  flooring.

Always install KÖNIG Vinyl plank in a cool fashion. Vinyl is smallest when its cool and as it warms up the vinyl plank will tighten up and increase in size.


Do-it-yourself Videos are provided on You Tube to help you understand the install of your KÖNIG Flooring.

KÖNIG maintenance product Lamamator Plus cleans, restores and protects so you get the most out of your flooring investment. Other cleaning products can have an effect on the overall warranty. 


High Quality Virgin
Luxury Vinyl

Our KÖNIG SPC Click product has a clear  protective urethane finish with a 10%  aluminum oxide mix to shield it from stains, fading and surface burns.

Our Vinyl Plank comes with thick cores ranging from 4 - 5mm and padding from 1 - 2mm. The core is the most important component. The core is what makes the flooring strong and more forgiving on uneven parts of the room.

All our product is beautifully textured and  beveled edges. Square edges can catch and could be damaged, while beveled edges allow items to slide across the flooring with out catching any high points.

Dragging heavy furniture can result in scratches on your vinyl. We suggest you lift and move furniture off the floor . If not possible cover the feet with felt before you move it.

When purchasing vinyl we recommend you keep extras for repairs to ensure the same color dye-lot.

Luxury Vinyl Plank is a indoor product as its color and shape may be altered due to high heat and direct sunlight. However, Luxury Vinyl Planks will still work well with in flooring heating systems.

Find your Dream Decor and turn your home into a sanctuary. If your ready to be inspired then come explore one of our KÖNIG showrooms today!

Longer Lasting & Environmentally Friendly

Ultra durable and quality construction means your Luxury vinyl flooring will out last other flooring products.

When other companies recycle vinyl, they use all types of fillers to make the product "cheaper". These fillers are often contaminated and cause the product to smell.


Smelling the product before you buy it is important because for better or worse, that smell is going to be installed in your home.

All KÖNIG flooring products are made with low VOC inks to minimize the toxicity, reducing the harm to the environment and your family.


Our 50% recycled Vinyl is our environmentally conscious product with the same quality you come to expect from KÖNIG.

The world today is focused on recycling and environmentally friendly products. That’s why KONIG has researched and evolved from “100% Virgin Vinyl” to “Environmentally Correct Vinyl”. Environmentally Correct is 45% new material and 45% recycled material with 10% Marble stabilization for stronger, longer lasting Environmentally Correct floors.

Visit our Kids Zone

KÖNIG Luxury Vinyl Decor Pallets

Advances in photographic imaging technology has given KÖNIG the ability to create natural palettes in Vinyl unavailable in other types of flooring.


From timeless marble stone tiles to exotic wood variations, there is no shortage of decor options available.

Ready to be inspired? Watch our video to see realistic replications of contemporary and rustic hardwood flooring pallets now available.

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Luxury Vinyl Re-imagined

If you are looking for natural wood grain or stone tile variations please contact us

Products Include

- Virgin  "Drop it and its Done" Loose Lay

- 50% Recycled "Drop it and its Done" Loose Lay

- SPC Click 5mm and 6.5mm

- Glue Down 1.8mm

- Digital Carpet and Marble Tiles

- Reducers, T -moldings, stair-noses, stair treads and more


KONIG Warranties

20mm Wear Layer

   -25 Year Residential Wear Warranty

   -10 Year Commercial

12mm Wear Layer

  - 15 Year Residential Wear Warranty

  - 5 Year Commercial

1.8mm Wear Layer

   - 7 year Residential Wear Warranty

   - 3 Year Commercial

Warranties: No labor


Download KÖNIG Installation  Instructions

Become a member of the KÖNIG Family

At KÖNIG we are growing our Brand. We are currently looking for new locations and opportunities to better serve Canada. If you have retail space and are interested in becoming a distributor of KÖNIG flooring please contact us to see if your area is eligible.

We operate under a Cash & Carry system.


Quality is our Priority

See  our Showrooms and feel the difference of KÖNIG Vinyl for your self. Our friendly staff are here to educate you on the best product for any project or budget.

100% Virgin Vinyl

No Filters

Water Proof

Low VOC's

Pet & Family Friendly

Commercial and residential projects over 1,000sq/ft are eligible for discounts

Visit us today at any of the following Locations

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