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Why You Should Avoid Products Like "Jager Flooring"

We compared the Konig brand 100% Environmentally correct vinyl flooring to a cheaper vinyl product called Jager, and found several key differences between the two brands. The main factors we will be covering are; quality and consistency, durability, and perhaps most important, material composition and health factors.


Our goal with Konig flooring is to ensure that we supply our customers with the best quality for their vinyl flooring while also ensuring that consistency of said quality remains the same with every purchase.


During our quality control studies we found that with the cheaper Jager vinyl, there was a staggering variance of consistency with each order of plank. This lack of quality control is due to their vinyl containing several fillers and other unregulated materials that may include, old rubber tires, used power lines, and even copper.


As a result, Jager brand vinyls are severely prone to quality inconsistencies during manufacturing and lead to defective and visibly mismatched/inconsistent vinyl plank.

Jager Flooring Scratched Floor.png
Jager Flooring Pollution.jpg

Material Composition and Health Factors

While this may not be something you think about when purchasing your vinyl, keep in mind, this material will be quite literally laying the groundwork to your office, warehouse, garage, or home. This means it will have a direct impact on your coworkers, family members, friends, and even your pets.


When testing Jager brand flooring, we found that while they may brand their product as “virgin vinyl,” the results of our analysis indicate that over 50% of their vinyl flooring material is composed of fillers, unregulated recycled materials, and undergo a chemical process known as “gassing”.


Gassing is a process that occurs when the protective wear-layer on Jager vinyl plank wears down to expose harmful recycled materials within the vinyl including but not limited to; Lead, phthalates, and heavy metals. Gassing is known to be extremely harmful and can cause severe negative health implications.

Durability and Long Term

Konig 100% Environmentally Correct Vinyl was engineered and manufactured to be not only durable but with the severe climates of Canada in mind.


Through the use of our manufacturing process, we ensure that absolutely NO fillers nor recycled materials are introduced to our 100% environmentally correct vinyl. This allows Konig to withstand cold, dry winters, while also holding up easily to hot humid summer seasons.


While the Jager brand may be advertised as an “environmentally friendly” product, testing indicates otherwise. The use of unregulated materials such as lead and heavy metals in their vinyl ultimately leads to an accelerated deterioration of their product, and results in premature wear and tear such as warping, flexing, chipping and scratching, as well as peeling.

Jager Flooring Contaminated Floor_edited.jpg
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