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Why You Should Avoid "Jager Flooring" Knock-offs

Attention Public: Our family business, König flooring, has constantly been harassed by the owners of Jager Flooring, Pacific Interiors (Fort MacMurray), and North Floors (Edmonton). At König we have been working with North Floors for the last 2 years as they pretended to be a distributor for König. They ordered several containers of flooring and didn’t pay for it while at the same time “copied our products, colors and operations” to start their own brand Jager. We have been informed that this was their intention the whole time and they were planning to defraud us of containers of flooring without payment.

Since then, they have repeatedly accused us publicly (on Google and Facebook) of lying to customers, being rude, bad service, of not explaining our products, of our products smelling, being recycled garbage, of incorrect installations and personal attacks online against our owner, employees and family.

Jager Flooring/North Floors slanderous reviews and “1 star ratings” towards König are false while the same individuals gave Jager/North Floors 5 star ratings and positive reviews. These individuals include but are not limited to Nicki Drake, Mike Fostner, F Bay, Colin Weir, Access Clinic in Fort MacMurray, Pardeep Singh, Vida Shirza and Maya’s (manager of North Floors) own mother Claire Rady (name now changed to Coucou Rad). There are no records of any of these individuals or businesses ever purchasing or being serviced (installation) by König flooring and associates.

We trained Maya (manager for North Floors) and taught her everything she knows thinking she would be a positive addition to our brand. She was very deceitful as she knew the whole time that she would be taking our hard work, 26 years of experience and customer service “systems” to use to promote Jager Flooring.  

North Floors & Pacific Interiors continue to market König as if they are distributors even though they are no longer part of the König family. They are marketing our products as if they are their own and then “bait & switching” clients into buying their Jager Brand. These König Brand colors, which is the MAJORITY of option on their web pages, include Bluebird (renamed BAT), Oaky Dokey, Pearl (renamed CUCKOO), Sea shore, Wolf Paw, Grey Hawk (renamed PEACOCK), Maymin Tinjin, Bears Paw, Sandpiper, Cheetah, Cherish Wood ( renamed CANARY), Sealion (renamed Pigeon), Coyote, Sweet Honey, Wolverine, Grey Spirit, Black Wolf (renamed SWALLOW), Flano Oak (renamed CRANE), Dove (renamed Goose), Grey Wolf, Sandalwood (renamed STORK), Seashell (renamed SPARROW), Swan and Sheeps Wool (renamed SEAGULL).

Examples can be found linked here at Pacific Interiors, North Floors and Jager.

We take pride in communicating with our costumers how to choose the right flooring for them.  Client education is key to understanding the different aspects of vinyl plank and how to tell the good from the bad. We also offer installation advice to help “do-it yourself” and take great pride in our service and products. We feel it’s truly a shame that these individuals feel the need to slander and lie about the very people who mentored them.


The König Family

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